The Sins of Spring

Europe borders countries with conflicts and crisis, hence it would be the best idea to offer protection space , for refugees from war-ton countries, Syria , Somalia and North Africa. Yes countries like Kenya , Turkey , Lebanon are saturated with refugees and still allowing protection for asylum seekers. Europe should follow suit, refugees are human being running away from war-ton societies and seeking protection. the men, women and children will in future drive the economy  of Europe and who knows, maybe one day Europe might change to Eurobia , a continent that will go down the history books for having accommodated the needy refugees from North Africa and the middle East.

But come to think of it , where is the Arab league in all this , the most successfully countries in the Middle East  ,that is Israel, Iran, Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have all taken a back seat watching there people struggle across seas and oceans. or are we witnessing the sins of the Spring, Well this is the post Arab spring , Libya is on fire and Syria is war zone, and in this era nations have no boundaries, interests are global and and the struggle is brutal .


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