The Second Republican Debate

The second Republican Debate was colorful and noble, as the candidates humbly walked into the Ronald Reagan library and each of them standing in front of the air force one which Ronald Reagan flew in to, to various parts of the world. The candidates hoping to convince the voters for the most ultimate job, commander in chief of the most powerful country in the world.
The debate entailed a lot of issue, including hoe to win the war on terror, create an American dream different from the European nightmare, the so called Iran/US outrageous nuclear deal, Syria’s dictator Bashar Assad, the Refugee crisis, immigration and UN-documented persons, China’s increased military capability, its geopolitical maneuver in the China sea and of Corse Vladimir Putin and his new found friends in the middle East.
Well most Republicans would agree that Radical Islam should be dealt with force and that the appropriate action would be to destroy the Islamic state and replace Bashar Assad, but wait! As David Rapoport work “The Four Waves” that religious terrorism wave is a generational phenomenon and the tactic of wining the hearts and minds of people is the ideal idea not a stupid idea, hence toppling the dictator would not address the root cause. look at a Libya and Yemen just to mention.
I would agree that a radical Iran with bomb would threaten to lead to the ultimate apocalypse of nuclear war and that the world be the worst place live in and as Michael Rubin writes in his book “dancing with the Devil, The Perils of Engaging with Rogue Regimes” the rogue regimes may be tempted to cheat in a deal.
Russia too was on the lime light, first its infringement in Ukraine’s sovereignty and its recent involvement in Syria helping Bashar Assad, its alleged goal to destroy NATO and its geopolitical appetite to reclaim mother Russia from parts the Caspian region to the Baltic. The question is how do deal with Vladimir Putin? Well Donald Trump says diplomacy in form of negotiations others say hard power approach. Well here is what I think, NATO is the biggest military alliance in the world and the US is the only state which has dared to use nuclear weapons. that alone could scare Putin.
China too was mentioned but this is the nexus, Thucydides a proponent of realism talked about the Peloponnesian war which involved the Greek city states, he observed that with the glowing power of Athens, Sparta became uncomfortable thus chose to conduct a pre-emptive strike, well the hegemonic theories.
Immigration and the idea of border diplomacy has become a contemporary issue in the international, how do we maintain border control , well Kenya has an plan to build a wall on the Kenya Somalia border, Hungary too is building razor walls to deter refugees , Serbia and Croatia borders have become a nightmare. Well could these countries build a bridge and enhance border commerce?
Hillary Clinton was also on the focus of the debate, she did a good job in Africa especially on women and children empowerment, perhaps even malaria, but Republican’s think she did a bad job in Libya and that she failed to give a conclusive report about Benghazi. Well while Republicans’ fight, Hillary Clinton gains.
The debate however did not address Africa, a continent with the fastest growing number of young people, the world’s modern market hub, a continent rich with vast natural resources or even a continent known for internal conflicts or a continent threatened by global commons terrorism and climate change, did not attract attention. Well maybe next time I would love to listen to the candidates’ debate how they would focus on Africa’s her foreign policy.


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