Is Civil Disobedience the way to go?

Civil disobedience is not a new phenomenon, most of the time we have witnessed individuals and groups retreating into ethnic identities, with the goal to build a sense of collectiveness, hence feel neglected by the state.Civil disobedience is a crisis resulting from issues of national nation-building,and hence triggers acts of disobedience among st citizens, hence see the state as an enemy and attack it by using whatever means possible, those entrusted with manning the country’s resources steal it, the police ask for inducements, teachers, go on lengthy strikes, students resort to riots, civil servants refuse to put in their best and are involved in moonlighting. Essentially, everyone seems to have one form of complaint or the other against the state and its institutions.
Civil disobedience has resulted to be the path for freedom in many countries but in it brings both negative and positive effects especially in contemporary international relations. As it has been known as an easy form to pressure authorities, civilian’s way to call for democratization, stand against corruption and impunity, fight autocratic regimes and a voice for the week and marginalized. The Arab spring was an act of civil disobedience inspired to bring about change, accommodation and inclusivity in decision making in the Middle East.
Well to some degree it worked in Tunisia and maybe Egypt but where has this left Libya? Today Libya is

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on fire, and most often I have come to realize that once citizens topple a dictator nothing is left for the state people begin to see themselves as Houthi’s, Sunni’s, and Shia’s and it becomes an issue of identity thus resulting to sectarian violence and broken societies. Martin Luther King was prepared to break the law and his action resulted to a better world, well many may embrace civil disobedience to influence change but lots of the time it is important to understand that this act comes with negative effects as well.
As I write teachers in my country Kenya have resulted to acts of civil disobedience deciding to put there tools down and March to the streets, diplomacy has not been an option for either parties, the court’s rulings have failed to work, and as student of international Relations and diplomacy I understand that court rulings result into conflict settlement with a win, lose outcome which has been too much to bear. This will surely have a negative impact to the students and pupils in Kenya and may affect a generation.
Well I would rather they embrace conflict resolution strategies, like negotiations which result to a win, win outcome for both parties and that acts of civil disobedience sometimes may not be the only way to go.


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