Europe: is this a refugee crisis, migration crisis or are they asylum seekers

The situation in Europe today is confusing and puzzling the elephant in the room is that do we refer to them as refugees, migrants or asylum seekers. Let as face it, this are people running away from war ton countries, from persecution hence due to a well founded fear and in that case they automatically become asylum seekers according to international Refugee law. But refugee itself is a status and one must qualify to become a refugee as per policies set by the UNHCR.

from the Middle East to Europe

from the Middle East to Europe

The most interesting part is that the refuges/migrants/ asylum seekers want to go to specific countries and not others to be more specific Germany and Austria that automatically changes it to whole dynamic to some form of hybrid migrants whose goal is to seek economic well being rather than protections.
The conflict in the Middle East has created a unique migration crisis than ever before. But why? This part of the world has been in conflict before but the influx of refugees/migrants or asylum seekers is huge than ever before. The other question is why are these refugees/migrants or asylum seekers so focused to move to Europe rather than countries in East Asia, Japan or Thailand for instance?
Countries in Europe have dealt with this issue individually; different countries have adapted different strategies to reduce the risk, offer protection as well as accommodation with little consideration to International Refugee law. Hungary is building Razors walls to prevent refugees/migrants/asylum seekers from coming in. Transit countries like Turkey; have been on the forefront to accommodate Refugees
Some countries in Europe and the U.S. the accommodation of refugees/migrants/asylum seekers is based on remuneration, such that accommodation is based on a certain number, very different from countries like Kenyan or Jordan who take all of them.
I think there are very many lessons that countries all over the world should seek to learn from the situation in Europe today, how are your migration laws for instances? What polices should be adopted in respect to porous borders. In two years time every country in the East Africa community a part from Tanzania and Burundi  are expected to hold election, including South Sudan whose membership is pending. Is it time that the East African Community came up with a plan to address the movement of people? with respect that election have become too sensitive!


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