The African culture and Heritage; the role of UNSECO

Whenever I watch the video “Nsnyuka” By blue 3 of Uganda I cannot stop to imagine the diversity and uniqueness of the Africa culture. This uniqueness Africa has earned great reputation all over the world; indeed Africa has a lot to offer, in terms of culture diversity and heritage. It is this culture uniqueness that’s binds the Africa populace, the diverse nature of African communities provides a great spot for knowledge, tourism entertainment and much more. The ethnic configuration its self provides a basis for unity and solidarity, various community have played a role in the promotions of community development through communal welfare in Africa. blog 3
The Buganda kingdom is one the largest culture cores in Africa others include the Ashanti of Ghana and the Zulu of South Africa, these ethnic groups presents enclaves that play a major role in the promotion the African culture. Deferent from decentralizations which give ethnic communities autonomy and a platform for self-determination, the Buganda kingdom is precisely about promotion of the cultural heritage.
In the Buganda parliament the major debate is about tourism, where the minister of tourism is always takes the centre stage, indeed the beauty of the African culture and its wonderful people provides a great opportunity for Africa, if only we capitalized on it, from food, the African music, and fashion; is not only unique but a blessing.
In that case I cannot fail to mention; that cultural and heritage has faced numerous threats especially in these modern times, in May 2001 the Taliban destroyed the Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan, the so called the Islamic state has inherited the same today ISIS is plundering cultural site, tombs, razing shrines and destroying domes dedicated for religious preservation; with aim of replacing culture with some form of doctrine/ideology.
Thanks to UNESCO, there is hope. UNESCO is and has been on the fore front to protect, preserve and promote cultural heritage all over the world and at the same time played an important role to fight the idea of cultural cleansing, now let us all join in and protect the only thing that’s binds us together as one. “Cultural diversity and heritage”

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