2015: The Migration Crisis in Europe: the story of the year

2015 will go down as an important year not only in the field of international relations and diplomacy but also in other arenas from economics and commerce, innovations technology and public relations. There is no doubt that the year 2015 has seen remarkable impacts both positive and negative; in Africa and elsewhere.
The events of 2015 in the field of international relations and diplomacy are a handful, ranging from the migrations crisis in Europe, Greece and her debt crisis, Russia in Ukraine, corruption in Fifa, China’s role in the South China Sea, the Iran nuclear deal, the climate change talks in Paris, Russia interventions in Syria, ISIS and the dynamics of terrorism, the political crisis in Burundi, the escalating ethnic conflict in central Africa Republic, and the pope’s visit in Africa etc.

image courtesy batanqamedia/com

image courtesy batanqamedia,com

But what struck me the most in 2015 was the migrations crisis Europe; that is, this crisis presented a unique refugee crisis than ever before, hundreds of thousands of people from the Middle East and North Africa fleeing their countries for humanitarian and economic purposes. The migration crisis presented Europe with a serious problem of accommodating and providing hope for the migrants.
Deferent countries in Europe have dealt with the issue differently despite the EU commission proposal that each country in the European Union should adopt refuges based on a quota system. Some countries are building razor walls; other will not accommodate Muslims, while others like German have turned out to be the preferred destination for migrants. But now after the French terrorist attacks the debate is that the migrants present a great security threat to Europe. So will the international community provide safe heavens for refugees in their home countries?
Surely the refugees/ migrants are fleeing their home countries because of the fear of persecution based on religion, ethnicity and drought which threatens food and water security. But the end game adds up to what is the solution for Syria and the stability in the Arab world, is this the time that the so called Arab league got involved because of their better understanding of the region? Or are we going to witness an escalation of the migrations crisis in 2016?
The death of the young Syrian boy Alan Kurdi who drowned when a boat trying to cross from Turkey to Greece capsized presents the most emotional and heartbreaking image of the year 2015, the image represents the plight of other Syrian citizens. How many more will drown in 2016? Let it not happen ever again. I am optimistic that something could be done moving forward in 2016.

happy new year to you all


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