The Dynamics of War (A Reflection of the New War Thesis)

Lewis on Policy

Mary Kaldor in her book, “New and old wars” Violence in a global era 1999 wrote about the New War thesis which remarkable explains the changing paradigm of war in the 21st century moving forward. The nature of war in the world today differs greatly from those in the 20th, 19th and 18th centuries in terms of ACTORS, whereby old wars were fought mainly by state soldiers and state agents but the actors of the current wars in the world today range from local militias, warlords, and drug barons, terrorists where   identity politics is the driving factor. Also modern wars have differed from old ones in terms of MOTIVE; whereby in old wars the motives and goals of war were mainly territorial acquisition but in modern wars the motive involves the re-shaping the social fabric or changing how thing are done in society…

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